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las vegas, 1962

this has been online for awhile, but to my delight, I only came across it today:

from The Atlantic—check out the interview with the film reviver himself here.



a little facelift

gave this here little speck of a blog a minor facelift, as she was pretty homely before.

my “skills” with this type of thing are minimal at best, though I’m hoping to improve them

she’s not exactly how I want her yet, but so far I’m pleased.


here is a very interesting article from today’s NYT about the history of American leftovers:

quick and worth reading. as a fan of leftovers and “re-purposing” foods from one meal for another, and also as someone with an interest in what I’ll call “domestic history” I enjoyed this.

beers and bagels wit’cha mama

when you are feeling like one of these:

{women on the verge of a nervous breakdown}

due to various factors (such as your SO canceling his trip due to sudden and severly worry-inducing illness, being crabby about your job for very legitimate reasons, having to give a dumb class presentation etc.)

sometimes the only thing to do is *thank goodness* your  mama is in town. because having a beer with her after class, hanging out in her hotel room, walking down 5th avenue at 9am on a beautiful crisp day together, and getting coffee and bagels with her before work will make you feel all better, like life ain’t so bad after all.

ballerina project

check out the ballerina project.

absolutely beautiful photos.

Hello, world!


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