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while browsing my photo library the other day, I discovered a funny thing: I take lots of pictures of my feet. very silly, yes, but it’s interesting to see all the places I have my feet have taken me that I have photographed. I rounded all the “feet portraits” (that almost sounds obscene) into one folder—there are nearly 30 of them. when seen together they make a funny little collection of stories.

here are a few:

new orleans, LA: a day exploring, hence the need for sneakers in the summertime

fountainebleau state park, LA: toes to lake pontchartrain, a day of hiking and animal-sightings

destin, FL: vacation and new shoes

muir beach, ca: drinking coffee after a morning walk

chalmette battlefield/mississippi river, LA: getting too close to the river and sinking in the mud

prospect park, brooklyn, NY: walking on the icy patches and through knee-deep snow

muir beach, ca: tidepooling barefoot in december

14th street subway stop, NY, NY: waiting for the train home after class, favorite oxford shoes


the sand, part two: critters

along the beach in baja, I saw many little animals (and the remains of some others).

there were a lot of sea urchins in the tide pools that were visible when the tide went out daily at around 4pm:

tidepooling is one of my very favorite things to do

tiny hermit crab



mudskipper, waiting for the tide to come back in


multi-armed starfish


there were flocks of the most wonderful pelicans


we saw many, many dead fish on the beach in various states of “undress.” I suspect many were caught by fisherman, filleted, and tossed overboard for the birds, who brought them to land. some looked as though they’d been cleaned by other fish and birds.

there were also many spiky pufferfish washed up on certain parts of the beach, though I unfortunately didn’t get any pictures. they were crazy looking! nothing seems to eat them (for obvious reasons) so their puffed, thorny bodies just sit in the sand and look all kinds of creepy.


this one looks like it should be in a cartoon.


perhaps a cousin of the above skeleton?


I like his fancy pectoral fin


the fish above was particularly odd looking, as its meat was all removed, skin still on. very buffalo bill. E tells me it is a type of sheephead. it had interesting pointy little teeth.



yes, I might be a weird nature dweeb. this is one of my hobbies. there was talk of whale sharks, killer whales, manta rays and sea lions, but unfortunately they were not visible from the beach. and in a way, thank goodness… because if I saw a whale shark I think I would just about die on the spot (due to, you know, magic and wonder, not fear. they don’t even have teeth!)

the sand, part one

I had the good fortune to travel to a somewhat remote part of mexico over the christmas holiday. I had a lovely, restful time with M&J and the siblings: hammocks were swung in, margaritas were imbibed, magazines were read, kiteboarders were watched and occasionally given silly nicknames (such as princess peach and the green goblin), beaucoup shells/rocks/beach-glass were collected, sun was savored, horses were ridden, board games were played, swims were taken, salsa and hot sauce were eaten with absolutely everything.

on the second or third day there, I woke up early (oh how I love being on eastern or central time and traveling west!), put on my swimsuit and clothes, and went for a walk on the beach. the water was like glass before the wind kicked up for the day, the sun was high and warm.



I walked less than 1/4 mile before I just had to get into that water. I hadn’t planned on swimming, despite donning my suit, and hadn’t brought a towel or put on sunscreen (which I most always do). so I ditched my shorts, watch and the shells I’d collected on the beach and headed into the not-so-warm-but-oh-so-gorgeous water. it was “brisk” to say the least, so much so that I actually gasped when I dove under. but I am from northern california and will swim in pretty much anything (see: the san francisco bay, the pacific ocean, frigid marin country creeks, alaskan glacier run-0ff that was quite literally the coldest water I have ever felt in my life). for me, the joy of being in the water always outweighs the coldness of the water itself—I’ve just got to get in there! true, it may take be 10-15 minutes to slowly immerse myself to avoid total shock (I’m no glutton for punishment, after all), but I am going in!


it was, of course, totally fantastic. to be alone at 9am and neck-deep in the sea of cortez a few days before christmas… well, that’s somethin’.