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signs you are getting old

I am a bit of an old lady at heart, it’s true.

I present as evidence:

1. I make candy at home
2. I knit and embroider
3. I like to stay home
4. I think “The Golden Girls” is quality television, own a few seasons all seven seasons on DVD, quote it fluently, laugh out loud at it, and watch said DVDs at least one a week
5. I am currently waiting patiently for my homemade vanilla extract to be ready (december 17th!)
6. I own a one-piece bathing suit
7. the following items can usually be found in my handbag: cough drops, a handkerchief, tums, tea bags
8. I have been known to slip an ice cube or two into a glass of white wine or rosé
9. I enjoy going to the opera
10. I generally prefer knee-length or longer skirts

there you have it. scary, huh?


the week, so far

next week it is my birthday.

cocktails at grand central station

a review of sorts, of this week so far:

having some family in town? fun.

packing up one’s office for the second time this year? not so fun.

bad meetings? never fun.

new boots? fun.

yucky rainy weather on thursday? not so fun.

a trip way uptown for greek food and tales of baryshnikov sightings? fun.

spending time with one’s very rad younger cousin? fun fun.

BFF coming to town? fun.

birthday dinner with moms and BFF? fun!

salted chocolate mousse? very fun.

champagne? always fun.

realizing how un-glamorous quotidian brooklynian life is, post-visitors-fun? not so fun, but also not surprising.

all in all, the fun outweighs the not fun. score one for the home team.

currently, I am laid out in bed with a yucky head cold. I am temporarily a mouth-breather who is watching too much hulu. c’est la vie.

skaters at Rockefeller center, observed on my early midtown walk.

daily photo

afternoon latte.