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while browsing my photo library the other day, I discovered a funny thing: I take lots of pictures of my feet. very silly, yes, but it’s interesting to see all the places I have my feet have taken me that I have photographed. I rounded all the “feet portraits” (that almost sounds obscene) into one folder—there are nearly 30 of them. when seen together they make a funny little collection of stories.

here are a few:

new orleans, LA: a day exploring, hence the need for sneakers in the summertime

fountainebleau state park, LA: toes to lake pontchartrain, a day of hiking and animal-sightings

destin, FL: vacation and new shoes

muir beach, ca: drinking coffee after a morning walk

chalmette battlefield/mississippi river, LA: getting too close to the river and sinking in the mud

prospect park, brooklyn, NY: walking on the icy patches and through knee-deep snow

muir beach, ca: tidepooling barefoot in december

14th street subway stop, NY, NY: waiting for the train home after class, favorite oxford shoes


the snow

sometimes, the best thing one can do is call in sick to work on a very snowy day, sleep in, and spend the afternoon frolicking in the snow with her love, who happened to be in town for the first new york snowstorm of 2011.


snowy prospect park

I made a tiny snowman

my l.l. bean boots which I now love even more after taking them for a spin in the deep snow

downed tree by the little lake

pretty tree


seed pods in the snow


it has been EONS since I have been/seen/frolicked in real, proper snow. far too long! while I can’t say I love the frostbitten northeast’s winter climate (like a true californian who never truly learned to appreciate real “seasons”), I can get behind a snowy romp in the beautiful winter wonderland-y park from time to time.

we threw snowballs, watched hilariously fat squirrels leap through snow up to their ears, watched snowflakes as big as quarters fall, observed the skill with which canadian geese land on ice, and other fun things. I couldn’t be happier with my bean boots and felt marvelously prepared to stomp around in snow 12 inches deep (obviously most of the “base layer” of this snow accumulated during the boxing day blizzard of 2010, which I thankfully missed due to a canceled flight).

then we went home and had sushi delivered and I drank a glass of champagne. new york has its moments.

two trips to lincoln center

over the past two weekends, I have taken two trips to lincoln center, all by myself, and happily so.

the front of the met opera

last weekend I hit the met opera for a performance of “la bohème.” it was, of course, completely fantastic. I hadn’t seen it since middle school! the costumes were gorgeous and the sets were amazing. there was even a live donkey and a live horse! during the cafe scene there most have been at least 150 people on stage. it was epic. I scored my ticket for $10 through pratt (“a $50 value!” as they say in infomercials). seat wasn’t too bad either. woot!

the stage at the met

last night I took myself on another little fancy solo date and caught the NYCB’s “the nutcracker.” who doesn’t love a good “nutcracker”? it was charming and whimsical as always. particular highlights for me always include the waltz of the snowflakes, the dance of arabian coffee, the tutus on the marizipan shepherdesses, dewdrop, and of course the final pas de deux. magic and candy coated fun.
the only bummers were that my seat wasn’t the best, and the people next to me were extremely annoying (arriving 20 minutes late, whispering the whole first act and texting duirng the second, making a ruckus leaving 20 minutes early! harumph! a little decorum and decency, please! it’s the freakin’ nutcracker at lincoln freakin’ center a week before christmas!) I wish more people would stick to my personal how-people-should-behave-whilst-in-public credo: “just try not to bother anyone!”

good times.

recent photos

file this one under new york, you amuse me

[graffiti scratched onto a subway sign that reads ‘the vote is dead, arm yourself’]


file this one under yeah, new york, I get it

[some would argue this is the city’s general attitude…
it actually might be closer to ‘STEP THE F*CK ASIDE!’]


file this one under new york I hate you

[the view from my desk at work, monday… yeah, that’s toxic henious god knows what it is nasty smoke billowing out of a chimney 100 yards from my open window, unchecked, for an hour]



last saturday, E and visited the american natural history museum on the upper west side. it was delightful, as visiting a museum of international renown tends to be. what’s NOT to love about the ANHM? there’s a full-size faux blue whale! dinosaur bones! teddy roosevelt quotes on the walls! meteorites! old school giant nature dioramas! diamonds! taxidermy galore!

we particularly enjoyed the hall of minerals and gems, where the wittelsbach-graff diamond was on display, a 1600s, nearly 36 carat, “deep fancy blue” rare diamond—wow! I particularly liked the labradorites and opals, as well as the various big giant crystals (although I think too many people touch them for them to give off really good energy). I love this section of the museum for it’s 1960s james bond’s lair feel… I even noticed that the display information is not quite up to date, as one gem was sourced in the “USSR.” ha! but, I tend to think little old-school oversights like that are charming. continuing the geology theme, we picked up a “break your own geode” in the gift shop, too, which is exciting!
we also liked the hall of ocean life, which is classic, and the sleeper-hit (and oldest exhibit at the museum) hall of the northwest coast indians (way cool).

the highlight of the day, though, was surely the butterfly conservatory: a greenhouse-like jewelbox full of HUNDREDS of beautiful live butterflies flitting about, eating fruit and nectar, mating, landing on people, and living the life. it was lovely! E took a few photos:

butterfly at one of the feeding dishes

these ones were gorgeous and have creepily gigantic bodies

pretty detail

butterflies gettin’ busy
(but unable to reproduce in the conservatory, apparently, as there are not the proper plants provided for the larvae to feed upon)

it was wonderful!

other weekend highlights included lots of cooking (french onion soup, roast chicken, caramelized roasted brussels sprouts), MORE salted chocolate mousse (I tell you, this stuff is life-altering), ice skating in midtown (where nobody fell on their tush), champagne, “the big lebowski” viewing, and relaxing. not too shabby.

25 before 26

tomorrow is my 25th birthday.

in the spirit of the occasion, I made a list of 25 things to do before I turn 26. they are in no particular order, and some seem much more do-able that others.

here are 10 of them:

* grow something edible [basil, strawberries]

*take a trip out of the country [c0mpleted 12/2011, Mexico… although I *did* know I would be doing this before I made the list… hmm…]

* complete two stories I feel good about

* visit the Guggenheim museum

* get a haircut [chopped an donated a 17″ braid in april!]

* start a retirement account

* Read “The Best American Short Stories of the Century”  (which is 57 stories and 788 pages)

* visit my brother in Maine [made the voyage to maine in january—brrrr!]

* wear fun lipstick more often [a little early to call but so far 2011 is my lipstickiest year yet: there’s no red too bright, nor no pink to hot for me!]

* make a cheesecake from scratch

stay tuned for the remaining 15.

happy birthday to me.