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4th of july weekend

a few photos from this past long weekend:

toots & the maytals show

carnival + fireworks

carnival rides

ferris wheel

view from the top


not pictured:

* awesome (and free!) Neko Case show at stern grove. LOVE her.

* watching the entire 1st season of “game of thrones” on-demand

* a view of the july 4th fireworks over tiburon and SF

* home-made mojitos



while browsing my photo library the other day, I discovered a funny thing: I take lots of pictures of my feet. very silly, yes, but it’s interesting to see all the places I have my feet have taken me that I have photographed. I rounded all the “feet portraits” (that almost sounds obscene) into one folder—there are nearly 30 of them. when seen together they make a funny little collection of stories.

here are a few:

new orleans, LA: a day exploring, hence the need for sneakers in the summertime

fountainebleau state park, LA: toes to lake pontchartrain, a day of hiking and animal-sightings

destin, FL: vacation and new shoes

muir beach, ca: drinking coffee after a morning walk

chalmette battlefield/mississippi river, LA: getting too close to the river and sinking in the mud

prospect park, brooklyn, NY: walking on the icy patches and through knee-deep snow

muir beach, ca: tidepooling barefoot in december

14th street subway stop, NY, NY: waiting for the train home after class, favorite oxford shoes

25 before 26: continued

here are the remaining 15 items on my “25 things to do before I turn 26” list.

* take more pictures

* be IN more pictures (I’m always the one taking them, and while it sounds selfish, it would be nice to see a record of myself in my photo chronicles)

* get another tattoo

* go on a hike [the californian in me is hysterically laughing at the former new yorker in me who aspired to go on but ONE hike! how silly. since being back in CA I’ve been on quite a few]

* submit for publication at least once

visit a US city I have never been to [new haven, ct, whatup! home of my best pal, yankees obsessed with bacon pizza, and the heart-stoppingly wonderous and swoon-worthy beinecke rare book library at yale]

* write more cards and letters

* knit something other than a scarf

* spend more time with my sister [we live in the same area code now and are pretty much attached at the hip]

* give meditation another chance

* learn to use my camera’s manual settings

* re-read “King Lear”

* learn to cook something new that can become a “standard” for me (some of my already-standards include: french onion soup, roast chicken, butternut squash soup, pumpkin bread, steak au poivre, quiche, enchiladas…) [fantastic biscuits, no-knead bread {finally}, fierce chocolate cake]

* spend more time outdoors [see “go on a hike” above!]

* learn more about opera

signs you are getting old

I am a bit of an old lady at heart, it’s true.

I present as evidence:

1. I make candy at home
2. I knit and embroider
3. I like to stay home
4. I think “The Golden Girls” is quality television, own a few seasons all seven seasons on DVD, quote it fluently, laugh out loud at it, and watch said DVDs at least one a week
5. I am currently waiting patiently for my homemade vanilla extract to be ready (december 17th!)
6. I own a one-piece bathing suit
7. the following items can usually be found in my handbag: cough drops, a handkerchief, tums, tea bags
8. I have been known to slip an ice cube or two into a glass of white wine or rosé
9. I enjoy going to the opera
10. I generally prefer knee-length or longer skirts

there you have it. scary, huh?

25 before 26

tomorrow is my 25th birthday.

in the spirit of the occasion, I made a list of 25 things to do before I turn 26. they are in no particular order, and some seem much more do-able that others.

here are 10 of them:

* grow something edible [basil, strawberries]

*take a trip out of the country [c0mpleted 12/2011, Mexico… although I *did* know I would be doing this before I made the list… hmm…]

* complete two stories I feel good about

* visit the Guggenheim museum

* get a haircut [chopped an donated a 17″ braid in april!]

* start a retirement account

* Read “The Best American Short Stories of the Century”  (which is 57 stories and 788 pages)

* visit my brother in Maine [made the voyage to maine in january—brrrr!]

* wear fun lipstick more often [a little early to call but so far 2011 is my lipstickiest year yet: there’s no red too bright, nor no pink to hot for me!]

* make a cheesecake from scratch

stay tuned for the remaining 15.

happy birthday to me.

films, part one

part one of a roundup of my favorite films, in no particular order.

Some Like it Hot

Hands-down, one of THE funniest movies of all time. In fact, every time I watch it, I am surprised yet again at just how hilarious it is. Gangsters! Millionaires! Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis in drag! Marilyn Monroe’s breasts on all-too-prominent display! She actually gives, in my opinion, a pretty stellar performance, but apparently she was a nightmare to work with as she was a little, shall we say, zonked out of it and unable to remember her lines. I also read that she was actually pregnant at the time of filming (which the costumers tried to hide) and later miscarried. Poor Marilyn. But this film is one of her best, and Lemmon and Curtis couldn’t be funnier. The scene of the party in the train car is my favorite, and in close second the tango scene. Oh, and the last line! What a hum-dinger! They just don’t make ’em like this anymore.

Annie Hall

My all-time favorite. Pitch-perfect. Woody Allen at his best: this film is funny, charming, heart-breaking, sweet, nervous, and delightful. Diane Keaton positively COULD NOT be any cuter. The ultimate relationship story (my favorite topic) that examines the ups, downs, and ultimate demise of Annie and Alvy. Alvy’s ending voice-over monologue about how he feels about Annie (“… how fun it was just knowing her…”) is the most we can all hope for in terms of how we feel about former lovers, and it’s a beautiful thing. One of my favorite parts is the “spider in the bathtub” scene–it’s such a moment of emotional truth, and most of us have been there. The film is also chock-full of funny Woody Allen one-liner exchanges:
Annie – “Do you want some chocolate milk? I’ve got the good chocolate…”
Alvy- “What am I? Your son?”
HA! Gets me every time. It’s also full of great little celebrity cameos (some non-speaking): Paul Simon, Jeff Goldblum, Sigourney Weaver, Shelley Duvall,  Truman Capote…

Sunset Boulevard

Absolutely classic film noir. The sets and cinematography are absolutely wonderful in this creepy and gripping film. Bill Holden plays the archetypal struggling young Hollywood writer who ends up a kept man by Gloria Swanson’s reclusive,  jealous, needy silent film star of a bygone era—very Ms. Havesham-esque.

Joe- “You’re Norma Desmond… you used to be in silent pictures. You used to be big.”
Norma- “I AM big. It’s the PICTURES that got SMALL!”

The murder-mystery in reverse set-up allows the plot to unravel in such a structured, 1940s way, as it winds through issues of possession, delusion, insanity and need. The whole thing is totally spooky eye-candy that is just brilliant. The monkey funeral? The rotting old mansion? The closing scene? Creepy perfection.