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while browsing my photo library the other day, I discovered a funny thing: I take lots of pictures of my feet. very silly, yes, but it’s interesting to see all the places I have my feet have taken me that I have photographed. I rounded all the “feet portraits” (that almost sounds obscene) into one folder—there are nearly 30 of them. when seen together they make a funny little collection of stories.

here are a few:

new orleans, LA: a day exploring, hence the need for sneakers in the summertime

fountainebleau state park, LA: toes to lake pontchartrain, a day of hiking and animal-sightings

destin, FL: vacation and new shoes

muir beach, ca: drinking coffee after a morning walk

chalmette battlefield/mississippi river, LA: getting too close to the river and sinking in the mud

prospect park, brooklyn, NY: walking on the icy patches and through knee-deep snow

muir beach, ca: tidepooling barefoot in december

14th street subway stop, NY, NY: waiting for the train home after class, favorite oxford shoes


new growth

hello there. I bet you were just thinking about plants, right? right.

and I’m sure you’ve been thinking about my wackily gorgeous spotted dragon-wing begonia ever since it debuted on my little old blog a few weeks ago…

… of course you have.

something terribly exciting has happened around my tiny nook of brooklyn since then. well, terribly exciting if you’re me, or if you happen to be just as big of a dweeb as me. (apologies to M, J &F, all of whom had to witness my champagne-fueled ass showing off this “terribly exciting” thing in person last week–I know, I know, I am a wingnut).

the back-story: I made a cutting of my beloved SDWB about two months ago, rooted it in water, and potted that baby up. for a long while, it just looked like a leaf stuck in some dirt. womp womp.

but… [I can just feel you waiting with baited breath for the happily-ever-after]… then…

it grew a spoutie!

sproutie exhibit A: tiny curly new leaf, and small green pokey bit underneath it on the right.


(oh, yeah, the goose… a certain beloved local restaurant of mine has a bowl of tiny farm animals on its hostess station, as opposed to a bowl of mints… needless to say I have amassed quite a collection, most of which live in my plants because apparently I am crazy for tiny turkeys, bunnies, horses et al)


in other tiny and lovable plant news, I humbly present to you my most humble and adorable little guy:

that, my friends, is the tiniest little succulent you ever did see.
I found him in july, in the pot of another, much larger succulent. he was about a third smaller then, if you can imagine, as he is currently the size of my pinkie fingernail! I very carefully plucked him out of there, teensy root and all, and put him in his own little pot. I am pleased to report he is doing quite well–alive and growing.
it can’t be normal for one’s heart to swell with such love for a tiny plant… but if thinkin’ plants are cute is wrong, then I don’t wanna be right.

the week, so far

next week it is my birthday.

cocktails at grand central station

a review of sorts, of this week so far:

having some family in town? fun.

packing up one’s office for the second time this year? not so fun.

bad meetings? never fun.

new boots? fun.

yucky rainy weather on thursday? not so fun.

a trip way uptown for greek food and tales of baryshnikov sightings? fun.

spending time with one’s very rad younger cousin? fun fun.

BFF coming to town? fun.

birthday dinner with moms and BFF? fun!

salted chocolate mousse? very fun.

champagne? always fun.

realizing how un-glamorous quotidian brooklynian life is, post-visitors-fun? not so fun, but also not surprising.

all in all, the fun outweighs the not fun. score one for the home team.

currently, I am laid out in bed with a yucky head cold. I am temporarily a mouth-breather who is watching too much hulu. c’est la vie.

skaters at Rockefeller center, observed on my early midtown walk.

daily photo

afternoon latte.