What is this?

Just a little blog about all things life, all things literary, and interesting things… I hope you enjoy it.

Who am I?

Just a young lady trying to make sense of life. Born and bred in the SF Bay Area and lived the better part of a decade in New Orleans, LA, where my soul calls home. I guess that makes me a strange cultural cocktail: the over-the-top-educated-super-liberal sensibilities of the Bay (“is the chicken local?”) combined with the heart, mouth and joie de vivre of the Big Sleazy (“the south ain’t a destination, it’s a way of life,”). Or as I like to short-hand it: brass, class and sass.

Recently escaped back to my native Golden State by way of a wildly-optimistic (and, it turns out, ill-advised) fling at graduate school in new york city. Missing my beautiful muddy village down South, but occupying myself with the regional charms the Bay affords: rocky pacific beaches, tidepools, redwood trees, in n’ out burger, sleepy coastal towns, fantastic book stores, fabulous gayness, mexican food, smarty-pants liberal folk, and wearing a sweater during the summer (ugh).

Currently, I spend a lot of time reading, thinking about working on my short fiction (sadly, “thinking” is the operative word… wish it were “working”), baking, plotting my future, working on freelance projects, being outside, house-sitting, and hanging out with my mainest homegirl, my darling sister.

You can reach me (if you like) at mermaid.litanies {at} gmail {dot} com.