better luck and stray observations


it seems my streak of less-than-awesome luck may be tapering off a bit. of course, I am thrilled about this, as the many months of directionless struggle (and excessive whining about said struggle) post major transition have been difficult and troubling. but with the advent of a new season, I find myself with a fantastic new “real” job at a publishing house I adore (I’m still pinching myself daily, amazed at my ridiculous luck in this matter) and an upcoming move to a new home in a new (to me) city.
both exciting developments signal the start of a new chapter, a chapter about which I am very hopeful and thankful—what a fantastic change of feelings! my guardian angels have been working overtime recently, and I am constantly grateful. I still battle with weekly fits of the “I miss new orleans so much it is physically painful” sads… but for now, it appears I am where I am meant to be (I read you loud and clear, universe!) and I’ve been thinking a lot about the saying “bloom where you’re planted.”
and I could do much, much worse than here! I am very lucky, and I am trying to be gracious, to be conscientious, and to count my blessings.


last week I harvested a single strawberry. pretty cute, and tasty, though very tiny. after two days of indian summer, a frost rolled in overnight (well maybe not a “frost” proper, but it got damn cold) and killed both my strawberry plants and this lil’ berry’s comrades. at least I got the one.


morning fog.
while coastal life is beautiful (pros: stars, beautiful smells, fox and deer families, beach access; cons: frosty weather/wind/fog, geographic pesudo-isolation, tourists in rental cars terrorizing highway 1 at 5mph) needless to say, I am very, very excited to move to the sunny side of the bay.


recently made a short trip to this wonderful place:

highlights included a boat ride where the 3-year-old captain fell asleep at the wheel (and chatting with his sweet mom), good company, oysters, sunshine, my sister (as always), and time with my lovely godparents. beautiful.


I am a few weeks into a metalsmithing class, which has been lots of fun. metallurgy/jewelery-making is likely not my artistic forte (see: piece of brass for ring-setting, inadvertently melted with blowtorch) it’s been good to do something totally (for me) different and use my hands in a way I never have.
stray thought: screw grad school, man… at this point in my life, I’d rather invest small amounts money on myself for classes like this!
on my possible future to-learn list: SCUBA diving, wheel-thrown ceramics, letterpress, screen-printing, more advanced knitting/sewing, (re-learning) to ski… the list goes on!



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